EMD Viewer

1. Features

emdViewer Screenshot

Screenshot courtesy of W.Theis, University of Birmingham, UK

The EMD Viewer is a fast and powerful data visualization tool designed for EMD files.  It can draw or tile 2D slices of an N-dimensional data array, integrate along any dimension and compute Fourier transforms. The viewer can open any number of files at once, and it also shows the entire HDF5 file structure in a tree view, and (short) attributes are fully editable. Many colourmaps are built-in and users can input and save their own colourmaps.  Slices can be exported singly or in batches as images or binary data.  It can import several common microscopy data formats, including .dm3 and .ser / .emi files.

2. Usage Guide

Check back soon!

3. Plug-Ins

Several plug-ins for data processing are currently being developed for the EMD Viewer.  Please check back in the future! Current plug-ins in development are Fourier filtering, aberration correction, real-space lattice measurements and more.

4. Current Build

EMD Viewer is alpha software – so use at your own risk!  As far as we know, the viewer will never corrupt existing data files. However we take no responsibility for any loss of data or productive time.

Version 0.4.2 – Windows 64-bit executable [13.4 Mb]

Version 0.4.0 – Windows 64-bit executable [19.1 Mb]

Currently only Microsoft Windows binaries are available for download. These binaries should work with Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8. Linux and OSX binaries are coming soon.   Once the viewer is complete, the source code will be released under a GPL license.

5. Archived Builds

We have temporarily removed the archived builds – these will be returned in a future date.