The EMD file format

This wrapper format was initially developed by Colin Ophus at the National Center for Electron Microscopy, with a lot of help from Phil Ophus and Peter Ercius.  We also appreciate the ideas of Wolfgang Theis, Wouter van den Broek and Christoph Koch.

EMD Viewer

This program was created by Phil using the Qt framework.  Various test files were generated and bugs found by Peter, Colin, Wolfgang, and others. Jack Davis was a consultant for various statistical issues. Support for the Gatan .dm3 file format was added by Phil using code written by Peter and Houlin Xin.

Future Directions

We still have a long way to go however! If you are a software developer, scientist, or better yet both, we would welcome any contributions to the EMD project.  Conversion utilities between other file formats, desktop and online EMD programs, and EMD Viewer plugins are all things we are currently working on.  Please contact Colin with any queries.